All the required hardware is provided by the ElectroSense Network Kit from Jetvision. This is our recommended solution.

Otherwise, setting up your own sensor is easy and cheap. You only need a simple single-board computer, an SDR dongle and an antenna. We have tested several computers and antennas and provide you with our recommended setup below.


The right antenna for your setup depends on the frequency range you are interested in and if you want to measure in- or outdoors. Here is a table of antennas that we use in different setups with their respective properties, advantages and disadvantages. If you are using other antennas, feel free to send us your hardware setup so we can continuously extend this list.

Model Frequency Range Gain Size Remarks Price Buy
RTLSDR Default 15cm Antenna which comes with most RTL-SDR dongles
30dbi DVB-T antenna 174-230 MHz, 470-862MHz 30dBi 18cm ~12€  
SE-1300 Discone Antenna 25-1300 MHz 150cm Due to size best for outdoor usage ~50€