Collaborative Spectrum Monitoring

The ElectroSense network is a crowd-sourcing initiative to collect and analyse spectrum data. It uses small radio sensors based on cheap commodity hardware and offers aggregated spectrum information over an open API.

The initiative's goal is to sense the entire spectrum in populated regions of the world and to make the data available in real-time for different kinds of stakeholders which require a deeper knowledge of the actual spectrum usage.

ElectroSense is an open initiative in which everyone can contribute with spectrum measurements and access the collected data. If you want to take part of this initiative, get involved now by setting up a sensor at your place or contact us to see how our data can help your business.

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Interactive Web App

Live and historical spectrum data is accessible through an interactive spectrum monitoring web application.



Access real-time spectrum data measurements through an open API. See the specification fore more details.

ElectroSense is a non-profit organization based in Switzerland which aims at improving the way how the radio frequency spectrum is used.